hearing Sign Language Detection


This sign language detection app is designed for Deaf users of video conferencing platforms. Our goal is to provide these users with an efficient and easy to use software that provides users with the ability use the auto spot-light feature that is available to the hearing users of these video conferencing platforms. Due to sign-language producing minimal sound, the audio detection feature used for automatic spotlighting is not-applicable to Deaf users. Therefore, this application was created to fix this issue for the Deaf community.

How it works?

There are three key tasks that the application does to enable the sign detection and input to the video conferencing platform. First, the user's camera inputs the video feed into the application. Second, the application completes a variety of detection methods and algorithms to create a rate of sign number used as the output of the application. Third, if the rate of sign number reaches a specific number, then it will output a noise that will trigger the spotlighting feature for the video conferencing platform. Caution: the audio link for the user's computer must be enabled to ensure that the outputted audio is inputted directly to the video conferencing platform instead of playing through the computer's speakers.

Suggestions for best setup